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A PAT test in itself is not a legal requirement, however obeying the health & safety laws is. A PAT test will go a long way to satisfying your obligations in operating your business within the law. A PAT test is also often a condition of insurance for both you and the venue - this is arguably the biggest issue for venues and musicians and why venues will insist your gear is PAT tested. .


A PAT test, rather like an MOT on a car (although not legally required) is only a safety test on the day of the test. Obviously, you can tread on a lead or drop an amp when you get to the gig and your equipment may no longer be safe. Good handling and safety monitoring is also necessary. We can advise you, at various levels, how best to keep safe and stay within the law. You should always visually inspect equipment everytime you set up, just sensible observation and act if you see anything wrong or different.


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Having a Portable Appliance Test done on your precious musical equipment is about as exciting for most musicians as watching paint dry - slowly. Sadly, most venues now insist that your gear is tested before they'll allow you to play. As a musician and sound engineer myself, I understand both your disinterest in PAT testing and how much you value your equipment. I also know how to test it and look after it. This site is intended to give you some basic guidance and advice as well as the most important reason - to enable you to contact us so that we can come and test your gear - for a very reasonable cost.


Your certificates are always available online so no need to worry if you arrive at the venue and you've forgotten to bring a printed copy. Because your certificates are always on the Pat4Music website you've also got full authentication that the certificates are genuine!

Pat4Music NEWS

The Apollo 400 has landed

I've taken delivery of one of the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art PAT machines available - the Seaward Apollo 400. Highly accurate results, rock solid circuitry means your valuable gear is being tested safely.

First my disclaimer...Advice given in this website is correct to the best of my knowledge and is my interpretation of a complex subject. You should seek professional legal advice if you need absolute clarification of the laws relating to health and safety.

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